Water..water everywhere….

20170628_104142Water…..make a feature of it…

Well I started to write this post when I was away on holiday….we were stuck in for the day because of torrential rain, that’s the good old British summer weather for you….though being stuck inside was no hard task as we were staying in a beautifully furnished old Georgian vicarage on the North Norfolk coast.

However while sitting in the beautiful convesatory complete with Tom Dixon lighting and super electronic blinds…we could look out over the beautiful garden to the paddock and fields beyond complete with horses and every sort of wildlife including deer and barn owls that came to visit…..who needs television with all this to look around, anyway the torrential rain gave me an idea for this post….and that was Water Features…..

I was thinking they don’t have to be just for an outdoor or garden setting, they can be used for interiors too, great in a garden room, orangery or a stunningfeature in a large hall or lobby.

Here us a great example of a small table top feature and a great price too at £39.99, it’s the Akra stainless steel feature, it’s compact, it’s self contained and looks contemporary and it’s from http://www.ukwaterfeatures.com

Another fabulous design is the Bilbao, great for a table or window sill in a conservatory, garden room etc and again looks contemporary, it’s £36.99 and again this us from UK Water Features, which do some fabulous designs and ranges.


For a classic modern look in the garden, this sphere shape ticks all the boxes, it has a polished black finish and it’s compact too, so it would be great or a small courtyard or a balcony, it’s ceramic and it and so has built in LED lights too, thus is from http://www.primrose.co.uk and priced at £169.99

My Favourite has to be the rustic grey marble sphere it is £349.98, so it’s an investment piece but it is beautifully carved and handmade and it also has the option of  warm white or blue LED lights.

I do also love the look of cool pools, they are such a fabulous feature and look like little contemporary ponds, something like this dark stone filled basin filled with water, add flower heads too, and they also good water retreat for the birds too and a more modern looking bird bath.


So now I am finishing writing this post back home, on a day that has been filled with heavy rain again, but wishing I was back at the coast and also crazily thinking of where to add a water feature in our garden, although with today’s downpours im not sure we really need one, ….but my head is going for a small cool pool at the moment…….enjoy the weather whatever it maybe…..D xx


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