Let’s get Personalised…

new_our_home_grande-1Have to say I do love personalised Prints…..I have a lovely heart shaped one with the better half’s name and mine on it…..and gave it to my better half 2 years ago for Valentine’s Day…..I always keep a look out for these types of prints and I love the contemporary styles ones, I have just come across a fab online store called oflifeandlemons.co.uk and I have been checking out their designs … love them……however just can’t decide which one to go for…….they would make a great wedding gift present and a great retirement gift too…..check these designs below and others on there website……I think I maybebe going for the above design,however the more I look the more I change my mind, have fun……D xxYOU_AND_ME_LIFE_1_1024x1024-1LUGGAGE-TAG-BLUE_grandenew_road_sign-1_granderoad_sign_instructions_grandeWebstars_aligned_life_grandeoriginal_personalised-train-ticket-retirement-print_grande


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