Paint the town…..Haslam

paint the town green 8

The great Nicky Haslam has spent 45 years as an interior designer/decorator to rock stars, royality and generally the rich folk and not once has he popped round to mine, hmmm maybe as I am not one of the above…..but I still love and admire his work and he was crowned as 2016’s International designer of the year.PaintTheTownGreen_073_1024x1024

At the moment Nicky’s projects include houses on the Isle Of Wight, Belgrave square and also in New Orleans  and at the grand age 0f 77 he shows no signs of slowing down and this month he has just launched his own paint range called The Stones in collaboration with the very eco friendly ‘Paint the town green’ company.

Nicky says …’ a paint should make people look prettier’ and I am all for that, so I think I will paint my whole house in his colours of which there are six of them in the range and they are so wonderful with such depth too, its hard to pick out a favourite…click on each colour for the name..

All these wonderful colours are available from Paint the Town Green in their London store or via their website…


The colours in more detail….

Agate….above is a deep brown with a cloudy mauve hint to it.

Tigers eye…is a yellow brown with a real depth and the feeling of a glow of a tigers eye.

Feldspar…is a mossy golden green.

Nicky has said he was aiming for a mossy, shimmering golden green you see on an oil slick.

Peridot is a stony mineral natural pink

Nicky ‘quotes’ ….a kind of masculine pink, a very flattering pink.

Blue John….is a soft blue with a hint of lavender. a grey with a hint of mauve.

I think out of all of the colours my favourite of the moment is Blue John, but that may well change as everytime I look at these colours I seem to fall for another very quickly, however what I would say is that if you were thinking of choosing one of these colours, go instore and look at them and try a sample colour as the media images of one colour do vary. right time to get my sample pot out and do alittle colouring swatching……D xx


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