How to Hygge….

wp-1486751889056.jpg                  Hygge (n/vb) a warm pleasant and comfortable atmosphere void of annoyance or distraction, at total ease.                         wp-1486752004175.jpg
        Hygge….pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ a Danish word that means warm,comforting, cosiness and togetherness and it’s hip lifestyle trend that is all over the world of interior design and fashion and I for one love it.          wp-1486751815142.jpg                               It’s especially ‘now’ as here in the UK it’s very chilly and a little bit snowy too, so need some hygge in our lives especially in our interiors.

So here’s some tips for a hygge home.

1. Candles…

Candles are said to be the number one on the list for the Danes and their hygge lifestyle, nothing beats the warmth and cosiness of there warmth and flickering light, even better if they really scented.


A warm and toasty fireplace is a must too for that hygge feeling, nothing beats thr warmth and glow from a fire to make us feel warm and relaxed. wp-1486751875394.jpg                        3. Wood

What is so fabulous about Scandinavian interiors is that they focus on minimalist lines, craftsmanship,  woods and neutral tones, they expecially like wood, wooden floors and cladding, it all added some warmth and texture, totally in keeping with hygge, you could add the look of wood with wallpaper by Andrew Martin does a great timber and log wallpaper, see images below , they are all by Andrew Martin and cost around £77 a roll.

4. Blankets and cushions

Sumptuous Blankets, throws and cushions are needed too, to be draped over beds. Sofas and chairs and used to snuggle yourself up in on cold winter nights, think fabrics like wool, chunky knits, cashmere and faux fur.

5. Rugs

One word to say for Hygge rugs and that’s ‘sheepskin’. I have a lovely cream sheepskin rug beside my bed and it’s bliss to sink my bare feet into when I get our of bed on cold nights and mornings, these rugs also look fabulous draped over chairs too.

6. Simple lines

Hygge is not about opulence or extravagance it’s about simplicity and celebrations get every small thing, stripped back interiors, get rid of clutter and leave onlywhat brings you true joy, according to Hygge,  every room should be a sanctuary,  an escape from the hectic life we lead and investing in your emotional wellbeing. So get a little hygge in your life and enjoy….D xx


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