Fall for Foilage

wp-1475001669445.jpg                    Autumn leaves….Here in the UK it’s change of season and time to embrace all things that are Autumn,with the lovely warm  colours that autumn brings, from rich tones of the falling leaves and the golden hues of fields ready for harvest..So I thought I would look at all things foliage for the home, just little touches and the change of season is such a good time to make some cosy changes.

You can add little touches of autumnal foliage with something like a cushion or go all out and wallpaper a whole room with a’ wow’ wallpaper!!

If we start with a leaf print wallpaper then I think one of the most famous has to be the William Morris Willow Bough,  it was been going since 1861 and still us a firm favourite and now they have introduced a dark grey version, which I have to say I absolutely love…wp-1475006052700.jpg

Willow bough, charcoal


This classic design above now has a more contemporary look in the dark charcoal grey and in a modern setting would look fabulous, just on one  feature wall, whereas in a more traditional  setting then the willow bough in a green shade could to used to used to decorate all walls of the room…..Morris & Co. Co.uk

Willow bough


One of Sandersons  new wallpapers, I gave totally fallen in love with is the Oak Filigree wallpaper in charcoal and bronze…£59 a roll from Sanderson. wp-1475001669619.jpg                           In my minds eye this wallpaper is on the feature wall in my dining room to give it a wow factor!!!


A great foliage design wallpaper from Scandinavian Designers, gives more of a wow factor to a Scandi design room, if you use this wallpaper in the room  then keep everything else in the room parred  back and simple,see design below from http://www.fashionwallpaper.co.uk


Another way to bring leaves and foliage design into your home interiors but in a subtle way is with window film….I love these,  I have one on my back door which is half plain glass and I have just a frosted film on my front door and side window next to it, which adds some contemporary privacy.osted window film is a great way to add subtle privacy to glass and is easy to apply,without having to have new glass installed, it’s great to add privacy without blocking our the light and there are so super designs out there. These designs above are from http://www.windowfilm.co.uk  just good to their site pop in your window/glass measurements and it will give you a quote there and then.wp-1475001669609.jpg

So keeping things still autumnal with accessories,  here’s a little selection of lovely items for your home to add a touch have of autumn……enjoy those autumn colours and enjoy your home…. D xx

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