Bake Off….

wp-1473508522854.jpg                  Today l’m in the kitchen, not quite literally but I thought I would just take a look at all things baking in this blog post as I was inspired by the television programme The Great British Bake Off (uk) or as it’s aired in America under the name, The Great British Baking Show , it’s now in its 7th series here in the UK and it has a great following.

I have to say I haven’t had chance to do any baking recently and I do miss it and I thought if I did get back into baking what would I like in my kitchen to help me, so I have been looking at everything from ovens to measuring spoons.

So here are some of my ideas to get me into the Mary Berry baking mood.


First of all I would love this all singing all dancing Rangemaster, I love it …..but at around  £2109 I think maybe I’m for a long wait as I already have a very nice AEG built in stainless steel and gas hob with a wonderful self cleaning mode, which is fab.

Moving onto food mixers, I have always loved the look of KitchenAid mixers but have never had one,  so that’s another on my wish list. I always felt like it was cheating in a way , taking all the hard work out of it, but I do have to say if I get back into baking now I would definitely buy one, but if Mr InteriorsEtc reads this ….I do not want one for Christmas!!!!

KitchenAid £399.99

So now onto all the other bits and pieces that i just would need and there is certainly lots to choose from I am spoilt for choice ,even the very lovely Paul Hollywood has his own baking range out , which I was drooling over in John Lewis, see his range below,

Paul Hollywood baking range from  £4.99


To the real nitty gritty items….. I do love browse in Cookshops always have done and very rarely come out empty handed, here are afew of my star buys………click on the pics for details.


Well after all that I have to say I am in the mood to buy some bakeware and after have a nice cup of tea and a big slice of cake…..hope this inspires you too, until the next time D xx


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