Beat the Heat….


Well as myself and many others have just limped our way through one of the UK’S mini heatwaves….we either seem to have all or nothing now!! It got me thinking how many stylish fans are out there to buy… I have put together a few of the fans that I liked and would give house room too.

When buying consider how much space you have and whether you would like it to be a feature or something that just blends in, we have a slim tower fan and it’s great if you are short on floor space and works well to, it’s by Honeywell and looks quite contemporary,  I have to say though I do love the traditional round retro fans would love one.

Holiday Dyson…

While on holiday recently,  our cottage had 2 fab Dyson hi tech blade less  fans and I fell in love with them , however I was not so keen on the price when I checked them out. There newest fan includes an air purifier which is great for allergy sufferers 

The air purifier Dyson £330

Also to consider is , how powerful the fan is and how powerful you want it, how many settings are there too. The ones with remote controls are fab, ours in the bedroom has a remote and it’s lovely to be able to work it from the comfort of my bed. Also do you prefer the fan to be quiet or do you like the soothing sounds of it whirring, you can also get ones with timers of  too and also  check how long the power cord is.

Swan retro Amazon £50

The Swan retro above comes in various colours, this is a lovely retro pale blue and they do a cream colour too,there is also a desk top version , the height of the freestanding one is adjustable from 90 to 125cm in height.

Tesco metal fan £20


I so love this copper finish desk fan above from Tesco and it’s only £20 and looks more expensive than it is which I always think is a bonuswp-1469118236735.jpgThe Stadler above from Otto Form is made from oiled wood and how handsome does this fella  look but it is £198 and isn’t over powerful so if you just want a cool looking fan that gives you just a cool breeze this is the one for you.

RED5 John Lewis £20

How funky is this fan, would look great in study and has the bonus of the glow clock face too and great valve at £20 from John Lewis.

LOGIK  brushed steel from Currys £29.99

This LOGIK brushed steel fan is great looking with a retro feel and has 45w of power so it’s great for cooling small rooms and offices and great price at £29.99wp-1469118197184.jpgThis BEEM joy hot and cold blade less fan from Stress No More works on the same principle as the Dyson bladeless but is a lot cheaper at £149.99 and can be used as a table fan or even wall mounted.


The Casa fan above has a fabulous retro feel and comes in various colours too, from this gorgeous black to red, green you name it, I would love this one, it’s from Lifestyle & Heritage priced at £79.95

So just a selection of cool fans, I love both the retro style and the contemporary,  I think I would like to have one of each, but thats me all over, hoping that you all have a chilled weekend and stay cool …D xx


2 thoughts on “Beat the Heat….

  1. jadewilce5 July 24, 2016 / 4:38 pm

    Love this post Donna! My husband has his eye on the dyson but it’s rather pricey isn’t it! 🙂 love your other picks x

    Liked by 1 person

    • donnalou July 24, 2016 / 7:43 pm

      Thank you ☺i love the Dyson too but not so keen on the price, I was impressed with it though and it is a good well made product, I also like the noise it made found it quite soothing, but I do so love the look of the retro fans xx

      Liked by 1 person

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