Turn to Stone …..

stone pic……………..Natural stone is the oldest construction material,its been used for decoration and building since pre-historic age and we are still using it and loving it now, its certainly has stood the test of time . Marble, limestone, sandstone,travetine and slate, all so beautiful and give such a natural feel to the home and garden.

Having just spent a lovely week a week away relaxing on the Norfolk Norfolk coast in one of my favourite villages there , Burnham Market…….New to the village is a wonderful shop ‘No.55 The Townhouse’ it is mainly a showcase for the lovely FORAS, the stoneware people, I have for many years admired their stoneware but had never seen it in the flesh so to speak, now I have and I am not disappointed at all. If you are looking for stone for your home or garden give them a look .

I adore stone flooring and walls, natural stone can feel fabulous but you will need to care for it, you do need to apply sealers and you have to use proper stone cleaners, so its not for the faint hearted, as spills etc need to be cleaned up quickly as it can absorb into the stone.However now with all the technology you can get porcelain tiles that achieve the natural stone look without all the special cleaning etc and is virtually maintence free,tiles can look like bleached driftwood too and polished concrete another favourite of mine.

One of the companies I have always liked is Porcelanosa, all my tiles and hard flooring is from there and has been in previous homes too, I have always liked their quality and style. Their own ceramic stone is called ‘STON-KER’ ceramic stone and natural stone and is very resistant and they claim it even exceeds the properties of porcelain tiles. Below are some examples of Porcelanosa’s STON-KER ceramics.

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The Stone – Tile company ltd, is another good place for your stone requirements,they buy direct from source and they only sell online,however they do supply samples with free postage, they do some lovely Travertine natural stone at reasonable prices…..

Other stone merchants to check out are :-



The luxury specialist Lapicida..www.lapicida.com

http://www.mandarinestone.com (sale now on)


and the last one is an interior designers ‘little secret’ and one of their favourites http://www.stoneandceramicwarehouse.co.uk

Hope you find something that you love…..D x



2 thoughts on “Turn to Stone …..

    • donnalou July 6, 2016 / 11:38 am

      Ohh i’m glad I have been of some help to you , stone is just fabulous isn’t it , when we need our patio doing again , I think we shall go for stone 🙂 bet yours will look fab xx


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