All white….

coastal dining nep…………………The thing that dreams are made of ….an all white interior/room.

They say that when white appears to you in a dream,its said to represent..Happiness.. I so love white rooms but I have never yet dared to have one ….I come close with creams and taupes. You may think a white room isn’t practical ,especially if you have pets and children alike, but you could have easy wipe clean surfaces and washable covers you just pop into the washing machine , also add chalky greys and a touch of pastel and pale woods and it would be a touch more pet and kiddie friendly. Also to prevent it looking too stark, add texture with chunky throws,in soft muted stripes the secret to a good a white scheme is texture, so wools , linens, faux fur,weathered wood and stone is a great focal point, for instance a focal point in a white bedroom could be a painted off white four poster bed with flowing linen or sheer drapes , would look fabulous.

A north facing room would look best with a white shade that has a warm undertone to it,in a brighter room something with a blue undertone would work well.

There is a fabulous paint company in Cumbria called The White Paint Factory and they produce 108 shades of! I particularly like their Frilly white and the Godiva white,also Mr David and Tyrwhitt white and Mylf,  I have been going from room to room with the colour paint cards, trying to decide, in which rooms these colours would look best in.

some of the lovely colours from The White Paint Factory,prices start at £20.42 for 1 litre tin.

Take a look at some white rooms examples and you maybe inspired. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now accessories for your white room……I would add a small amount to of black to the room, just to ground it , so it doesn’t look like it’s all floating, I tend to do this in every room wha ever the colour really, it’s really does help,even if it’s just your black TV.!

Also as I said before,  use textures, linens, leather,  faux fur,lace and also some metallic accents to bring it bang upto date, a rose gold would look fabulous in a white bedroom, as would brushed gold effect or brass accessories in living areas would look great .With brushed satin , silvers and nickels,in kitchens and bathrooms. …. So perhaps  now you maybe inspired to consider an all white scheme and it should mean some very happy dreams……D xx

Here  are a few accessories that you could add to your scheme. 



3 thoughts on “All white….

  1. jadewilce5 June 13, 2016 / 8:50 pm

    Gorgeous white finds! I’d love to do this, but I just love my moody tones too much at the moment! That George at Asda bed linen is a dead ringer for The White Company at a fraction of the price! Great find, off to try and find some!! Xx


    • donnalou July 6, 2016 / 11:37 am

      I love white interiors too ….I shall be using white in my next venture I think, I love the look of that paint company , I haven’t used it yet though , enjoy your white decorating 🙂 xx


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