The Sun will come out ……

The sun will come out ..tomorrow……well fingers crossed it does !!! here in lovely rainy Leicestershire I am thinking parasols….Sun parasols and what lovely ones you can get now, many years ago only the very posh had parasols and I always remember on hot days when I was very young my mum would throw a breadspread over our whirligig washing line and Ta Dah !!! We had a sun shade !! So no we weren’t posh !!

Today they come in all guises….and all prices too…..I wouldn’t know what to do without my parasol,its a very sedate square grey and metal affair compaired to some of the ones I have gathered for you to see here…There are some gorgeous ones that are lace and topped with a little silver bird,how lovely would they be for a romantic garden and then there’s one that looks as though it has chocolate dripping over it and even the handle on it looks like a chuck of chocolate it …….take a look at these lovelies for yourself and picture one in your garden,great for those hot days when you need some shade sipping your cool Pimms ……


One thought on “The Sun will come out ……

  1. jadewilce5 May 11, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    Great post, never gave parasols any thought until now! What a glorious selection you have chosen.
    Great blog too, and yes I think we have very similar styles and interior tastes x


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