Flock of Flamingos….

Last year on my summer holiday I fell in l with Flamingos….Ohh you’re thinking I bet she was holidaying in some exotic balmy isle somewhere? Well to be honest I was in North Norfolk a place I love and call my second home, now its known for a lot of exotic birds but as yet I haven’t spotted a pink flamingo in the wild there…..It was actually some Flamingo wallpaper I loved in a fabulous holiday cottage, at first I thought..Ohhh and then it moved to Ohhh Wow !! I was hooked and ever since I have found Flamingos popping up everywhere !!! The said wallpaper below, was in the hallway and looked fabulous and thought could I be brave enough to use that myself ?holiday cottage flamingos

Don Featherstone created the 1st pink plastic lawn flamingo back in 1957 and it seems to still be going stronger than ever at the moment…So I have been checking out what you can get all things Flamingos and there’s lots to offer…here’s just some of the things you can go for to brighten up your home some very kitsch and some very classy….So lets all go alittle Flamingo…..D x


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