Flock of Flamingos….

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Last year on my summer holiday I fell in l with Flamingos….Ohh you’re thinking I bet she was holidaying in some exotic balmy isle somewhere? Well to be honest I was in North Norfolk a place I love and call my second home, now its known for a lot of exotic birds but as yet I haven’t spotted a pink flamingo in the wild there…..It was actually some Flamingo wallpaper I loved in a fabulous holiday cottage, at first I thought..Ohhh and then it moved to Ohhh Wow !! I was hooked and ever since I have found Flamingos popping up everywhere !!! The said wallpaper below, was in the hallway and looked fabulous and thought could I be brave enough to use that myself ?holiday cottage flamingos

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2 thoughts on “Flock of Flamingos….

  1. jadewilce5 May 11, 2016 / 6:26 pm

    One of my favourite wallpaper prints! Love it too!
    Stumbled upon your blog and think its fabulous!! Really great content and imagery.
    Can’t wait to read more x


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